Managing Director – $1.5B Investment In Chemicals


Managing Director


Large Indian Conglomerate



Mandate Outline

Client is a very well recognized South Indian Conglomerate with an industry leading presence in the Commodity Chemicals. As part of the international expansion, the business house had progressively invested close to $1.5B in the commodity chemicals space in Egypt. This is by far the largest investment in Egypt by any Indian firm and equally, the largest investment outside India, for the business house also. Thus, the stakes were extremely high and the need was for an arrived CEO who can not only lead the internal organization effectively but also be a very effective face to the external world, including Government, Investors and the Media.

The client desired to hire an arrived CEO with experience of having faced difficult circumstances and yet effectively turned around businesses, with significant stake-holder management capabilities. Some experience in the commodity space was considered important, given the cyclical and opportunistic nature of the business.

Ramadhurai K

Ramadhurai K

Lead - CEO Practice
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