We publish 4 broad categories of insights that you can put to use –

  • Movement Indices that capture the rate of CEO and CFO Movement amongst ET500 Companies in India.
  • Paid Benchmarking Reports that help you benchmark your CFO Compensation to the market.
  • In-depth perspectives, in the form of Articles, that offer insight and guidance on how to run your CEO and CFO searches better.
  • And, Blogs, that capture our thinking in a free-wheeling expression, on topics relevant to CEO, CFO and leadership hiring in general.

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Movement Index

Quarterly Movement Index – CEO

CEO Movement index graphical representation of the movement rate
CEO Movement Index (Jul - Sep 2023)
CEO Movement Index (Jul - Sep 2023)
CEO Movement Index (Apr - Jun 2023)
CEO Movement Index (Oct - Dec 2022)
CEO Movement Index (Jul - Sep 2022)
CEO Movement Index (Apr - Jun 2022)

Quarterly Movement Index – CFO

CFO Movement index graphical representation of the movement rate
CFO Movement Index (Jul - Sep 2023)
CFO Movement Index (Apr - Jun 2023)
CFO Movement Index (Oct - Dec 2022)
CFO Movement Index (Jul - Sep 2022)
CFO Movement Index (Apr - Jun 2022)
CFO Movement Index (Oct-Dec 2021)
CFO Movement Index – Launch Edition

Custom Benchmarking Report – CFO Compensation 2023

Compensation Benchmarking according to industry standards

The first from our recently launched Paid Reports series is the one focusing on CFO Compensation Benchmarking – here, you can submit your current compensation and get a custom compensation benchmark. These reports are generated individually for each CFO and thus are 100% custom.

Individual CFOs can submit their current compensation using “Participate as an Individual CFO” button and upon submission of their data, they will receive in their email the Custom CFO Compensation Report, free for their personal, individual use.

For Corporates that wish to generate a paid, custom benchmark report for their CFO, click on “Corporate Paid Report” below.


Below you will find some of our perspectives, shared as longer articles, drawing from our experience, topped with in-depth research.

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