Snacks Business Advisor – Diversified Conglomerate


Advisor for the new, extruded snacks business that the Group was considering getting into


A leading diversified Conglomerate and one of the well known business houses in India



Mandate Outline

Our client is a large, diversified conglomerate and a business house in India, with current businesses cutting across FMCG and other industrial products. Within the FMCG space, the client was evaluating getting into extruded snacks – the client needed an industry expert who could help develop a detailed understanding of the space, put together a business case and if approved, take it forward and create the business. Given the uncertainty, the client preferred to onboard the expert as a ‘consultant’ or ‘advisor’ and gradually transition to a permanent role once the investment is approved by the Board.

Client desired to get someone from the extruded snacks space, with primary experience in sales and marketing, with some experience in operations/projects (optional, but if available, great), someone who is comfortable with a non-permanent role to begin with. While India experience is ideal, open to considering someone from outside the country, if their extruded snacks experience is relevant (e., worked in India 4-5 years ago, but in more recent times, worked outside the country).

Ramadhurai K

Ramadhurai K

Lead - CEO Practice
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