CEO – Trust Hospitals




A highly-regarded Paediatric Hospital in the non-profit space


South India

Mandate Outline

Client is a highly regarded paediatric care facility and is considered a gold standard for its quality of care. A non-profit, trust hospital, the operations are overseen by a professional Board of Trustees (BOT) comprising of who’s-who from the industry captains in India. The day-to-day operations are currently being run by a professional CEO who is retiring and the BOT were looking to hire a new CEO in the current CEO’s place.

The BOT wanted to hire a high-calibre CEO who would be able to steer the organization to the next level – the hospital is already well regarded for its quality of care and enjoys immense support among well-wishers globally, and hence, taking the standards even further, working with the Medical Director, is a key requirement. In addition, being a non-profit that readily caters to the needy without turning away anyone, ensuring financial coverage for the operations is the second requirement. To this extent, the BOT were open to talent from any space, as long as the incumbent brought strong leadership skills.

Ramadhurai K

Ramadhurai K

Lead - CEO Practice
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