Global Sales Head – Steel Castings


Global Sales Head


Steel Castings major, part of a diversified conglomerate


South India

Mandate Outline

The client is one of the largest steel castings firms in India and has a diversified product range (engine blocks for construction equipment, frames for transportation equipment, valve bodies) as well as diversified geographic exposure at the global level, including India, US, Europe and the Middle East. As a part of the transformation with the inputs from a large strategy consulting firm, the client had decided to change its approach to sales and marketing and bring in a Global Sales Head (newly created role) who will provide a unified and cohesive approach to sales and marketing globally – currently, each market has its team who each individually report into the CEO.

The Global Sales Head was expected to accelerate growth by providing strategic clarity as well as execution focus – strategic clarity in terms of which accounts to pursue and what/how to pitch, and, execution focus in terms of opening doors at the CPO/CEO levels as well as helping the regional teams to coordinate better as well as negotiate better. The client preferred someone with strong sales experience in India and outside in at least one of the key markets, with a good team management capability.

Ramadhurai K

Ramadhurai K

Lead - CEO Practice
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