COO – Premium Bed & Bath Brand




Premium Bed & Bath Brand


South India

Mandate Outline

Client is a domestic bed & bath manufacturer who has emerged as global Top 10 powerhouse and is acknowledged for premium products. Client has a significant presence in US market and is looking to diversify into other markets like Europe and Japan, while also looking to broaden the product portfolio within the bed and bath category. Client expects to grow 3x over the next 5 years. The promoters want to professionalize as a part of this transformation and want to hand over the day-to-day operations to a professional COO, so that they can focus on new market and new client development.
COO is expected to work with the promoters to drive this growth, by delivering flawless execution, by independently managing 3 plants and driving step-change improvements in QCD parameters while scaling up operations significantly. Client preferred someone from outside the textile industry, preferably from auto component industry.
Ramadhurai K

Ramadhurai K

Lead - CEO Practice
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