Chief Digital Officer (CDO) – Pharma Major


Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


Top 5, Indian Pharma Major



Mandate Outline

Client is a Top 5 Indian pharma major and wanted to bring on board a CDO (Chief Digital Officer), to specifically leverage and absorb emerging technologies like IoT, AI/ML in its manufacturing and supply chain operations rather than in digital marketing or digital customer experience functions. The client had already started on the journey with the help of a consulting firm, with proof-of-concept and pilots of some of the ideas.

CDO was expected to work closely with the next-gen Promoter and the other CXOs, especially the CIO and Head of Operations to drive significant improvements in operations. The need was for someone with the big picture vision of what all are possible, with the hands-on ability to get things done. He/she should be someone who could also take on the added responsibility of CIO role in future.

CDO Landscape - 2020
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When do you need a strategy function?