CEO – Roads, Private Equity Investee


CEO – Roads


One of the largest PEs in the world, with a leadership position in the Indian infra space


South India

Mandate Outline

The client is one of the largest PEs in the world and has built a substantial, multi-billion dollar portfolio in Indian infrastructure, especially roads, by buying out existing concessionaires and bringing them under a platform. The PE was looking for a CEO for the operating company, to manage the concessions and drive profitable operations.

The CEO was expected to come with prior experience in constructing, operating and maintaining highways under the BOT/BOOT model, with experience in managing external stakeholders, especially the local political leaders and ensuring a smooth operation, including periodic maintenance/upgradation of the roads. The CEO was also expected to work with the Investment Partner in charge of the roads sector, to assess upcoming assets and advise go-no-go decisions.

Ramadhurai K

Ramadhurai K

Lead - CEO Practice
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