Group Internal Audit Head – Middle Eastern Conglomerate


Group Head – Internal Audit


A leading, top 5 diversified group from Middle East



Mandate Outline

Client is one of the most well-recognized names from the Middle East, with a presence across multiple sectors. The client is transforming the account of the next generation coming into leadership roles and leading specific sectors within the group. The current Internal Audit head is being elevated and moved into a business leadership role, and the client is looking for a high-calibre individual to succeed the current IA head.

As with most Middle East groups, Internal Audit provides crucial support to the business leadership and the promoter family, in ensuring compliance and providing confidence in the effective working of key business processes. Thus, the role of the IA head goes far beyond the role of a typical IA head, moving away from providing a rear-view mirror report to a forward-looking, assurance role.

The client was looking for an internal audit specialist who has had some non-audit, business-related finance roles as well from leading industrial groups in India and would bring sharp business acumen and leadership maturity to be able to provide the necessary confidence to business leadership.

Saroja Ramadhurai

Saroja Ramadhurai

Lead - CFO Practice
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