CFO – Large Listed Indian Pharma Company




A 13000c Large Indian Listed Pharma Company



Mandate Outline

The client, a publicly listed Indian pharmaceutical major with a revenue of 13,000c, recently appointed a new, young, and professional CEO. They were seeking a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with a specific background. Despite an extensive search process that had already been ongoing for 7-8 months, they had not yet found a suitable candidate and thus turned to us for assistance.

The client’s criteria were highly specific. They requested that we focus exclusively on CFOs from the top 10 Indian pharmaceutical companies or large Indian promoter-led firms with substantial experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

Given the limited pool of potential candidates meeting these stringent requirements, we developed a comprehensive list of top Indian pharmaceutical firms and identified their financial leadership pools, ensuring that each candidate had a minimum of five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Despite the narrow focus, we successfully identified and introduced a significant number of new, qualified candidates. Our exhaustive search and targeted approach enabled us to meet the client’s precise requirements, broadening their options and supporting their goal of finding a CFO with the right expertise and experience to complement their leadership team.

Saroja Ramadhurai

Saroja Ramadhurai

Lead - CFO Practice
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