India CFO – New MNC Retail Entrant




A new entrant into Indian retail market, from Southeast Asia



Mandate Outline

Client is a new entrant into the Indian retail market from South East Asia, where the client is a dominant leader in the retailing space, with multiple formats and categories. The Client had just hired the CEO and wanted to hire a CFO to augment the local leadership, to put in place systems and controls, reporting structures, project controls, procurement and overall decision making for the Indian market. One of the senior leaders from the parent organization had relocated to India for the roll-out and hence working with this leader was a key ask. Another was the organization building, whether within Finance function or even in other functions like HR, Legal, Procurement etc.

The client desired to hire a young CFO – someone who combines energy, sharpness and experience of at least 3-4 years as a CFO before coming into this role, with experience of handling complexity, dynamic changes and team building. While retail was a clear choice, the client was open to hiring from any consumer-facing sector, as long as the candidate met the other criteria.

Saroja Ramadhurai

Saroja Ramadhurai

Lead - CFO Practice
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