A PE – investee, FMCG firm


Western India

Mandate Outline

Client is an FMCG firm created by a PE by buying out an existing, family-owned FMCG business, with some industry-leading, regional brands. With the PE owning the majority, the firm was led by a professional CEO (and the team below) appointed by the PE. The CFO was expected to smoothly take over controls and put the firm on track, in terms of controls, systems and processes, governance and performance, to a possible IPO in the next 4-5 years.

The client desired to hire a young and dynamic finance professional from the FMCG world (and specific firms within that), who brings the fire in the belly and the capability to drive transformation and support rapid growth, underpinned by a robust financial system. Given the way the PE operates, the CFO needed to be someone with high emotional resilience and high energy levels.

Saroja Ramadhurai

Saroja Ramadhurai

Lead - CFO Practice
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